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TASL is Student-

We're proud to partner with high schools and colleges

to promote safe driving amongst today's youth!

Savings Lives
Every Second of Every Day

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Promote Safe Driving Amongst Students

Ten people die daily from distracted drivingand today's youth represent the highest proportion of those fatalities. Be a force for change and bring TASL to your community

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Rally the Community!

Receive a unique school-wide referral ID and share it with members of your community

Bring TASL to your School!

Save Lives While Having Fun!

Partnering with TASL is a great way to rally the community around a common goal. Let's make the world safer while earning great rewards and having fun along the way!

How it Works:

Empower your students to save lives while having fun along the way!

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Tell us more about your school so that we can bring TASL to your community

Rally the Community

Students at your school will receive a unique ID, facilitating the issuanceof TASL Safe Driving Points to the entire student-body for their safe driving performance

Students Save Lives While
Earning Great Rewards!

Host customized challenges with school-specific rewards, compete against other schools or simply champion safe driving. Either way, students will earn great rewards while making the world a safer place


The ability to earn rewards on my own time all while taking a stand against an important societal issue is an incredible opportunity for me as a college student!

Liam Derbyshire

Student, Penn State University

I love TASL because it is a new and cool way for many people around my age group to learn the importance of not texting and driving. Plus, it comes with tons of benefits!

Mekya L.


I can be a great example for my nieces and nephews that being safe and making good choices has positive rewards (and they feel loved knowing I work to keep them safe when they are in the car with me).

Danielle E.


Just yesterday we had a sophomore football player drive his truck into a light post in the parking lot of the school after morning conditioning. He was going about 30 mph and hit the post deploying all airbags and knocking him out. This football player was on his phone and didn’t realize how fast he was going or see the pole.



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