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Bring TASL
to your Company!

Protect your most precious assets,

reduce liability or offer TASL as an employee perk

Protect your Employees, Protect the Community

Protect your employees, improve fleet safety and make the roads safer by promoting and rewarding safe driving with TASL

Amplify Your Commitment
to Social Responsibility

You care about the safety of your employees, but you're also committed to making the world a better place. Partner with TASL to leave an indelible imprint on the world around us

Bring TASL to your Company!

Reward Your Team for Safe Driving

Host corporate challenges with customized rewards or simply champion your commitment to undistracted driving by promoting TASL

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Obtain a TASL Employer ID

You'll receive a unique ID for your company which can be used to create customized challenges and issue unique rewards for individuals or teams who achieve the safest driving behavior!

Redeem Rewards
and Save Lives

Host customized corporate challenges, compete with other employers or simply champion safe driving. Invest in the health and safety of employees and the community by rewarding undistracted driving.

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